Stack of books on a shelf, multicolored book spines.

he world of publishing is rapidly changing. With the retail environment transforming and disappearing, authors and content providers find themselves facing new challenges. Independent bookstores and bookstore chains are closing at an alarming rate. Getting a “traditional” publishing deal is getting more and more difficult, meanwhile, self-publishing has never been easier. The question is, what is the best approach? To some, the traditional approach still works, to others, self-publishing may be the right approach, but to others, a new approach may be the right way…

Forefront Books is a full service, concierge publishing company. We are a hybrid between traditional/legacy and independent publishing, providing the freedom and control that independent publishing brings while also providing top quality writing, editing, production, PR, marketing, sales, distribution and oversight for which the large legacy publishing houses bring. The world of publishing is changing at a rapid pace. Today, it is more difficult to get a traditional publishing deal and frankly, it is not necessary to go the “traditional/legacy” route.

When we say the control of self-publishing, we do not mean that we are self-publishers, we are not.  In this model we allow the authors/organizations to keep the rights to their Intellectual Property (IP) and the timing of releases, etc… However, the books are edited and must pass the editorial test of our team.  We do not publish whatever is sent to us for a fee.  

Depending on what your publishing needs are we are capable of providing the solutions.

While we do not accept unsolicited manuscripts, we do provide a plethora of publishing services for our author and publishing clients.

  • Ghostwriting Services – We have a team of experienced ghostwriters ready to help you get your story told. Together with our publisher, we will help you think through the process and assist you in telling your story. Once the book is mapped out, our ghostwriter will conduct the necessary interviews and turn your story into a publishable manuscript.
  • Manuscript Assistance – If you are stuck and need help getting the manuscript completed we have a team of veteran editors and ghostwriters to help you get from where you are to a completed manuscript.
  • Editorial Assistance – A manuscript is not complete until it is properly edited. This is not about spelling and punctuation, it is a manuscript that flows and reads like a book should read. Is it repetitive in places? Does it lack something but you’re not quite sure what? We will help you find the right path to completion.
  • Sales & Distribution – Sales and distribution are one of the most challenging elements of publishing today.  Getting access to retail buyers is nearly impossible, we have a solution for this. The books we publish will be sold to retail buyers for placement at retail, not just made available through a distributor.

If you have a platform and the traditional approach doesn’t fit and the self-publishing route isn’t sufficient, we have another option for you.