Awake in the Dawn

I can’t thank Forefront Books enough for how well they handled the building process and release of Awake in the Dawn. The response thus far has exceeded our initial expectations bringing substantial visibility and provision to our non-profit mission organization, Village2Village.co. Forefront has allowed us to step through a threshold which has expedited and accelerated our vision and mission.

Craig Smith

The Flourishing Community

Our fast-growing non-profit had a need to explain our complex work, and also to share our agenda for the future. Forefront Books was the ideal partner. Their product quality is the highest, and their team is outstanding. The result has been that our non-profit is elevated in the minds of donors, stakeholders, the media and partners.

Brad Ketch

The Cuckoo Syndrome

Forefront Books has given me the opportunity of a lifetime to share my story and clinical work as a Licensed Professional Counselor to reach people I never thought I would have a chance to meet outside my therapy practice. Being a published author has opened doors for me both as a well-known expert and as a sought-after thought leader. The exquisite team at Forefront Books went above and beyond to make my book dream a reality. I am honored and endlessly grateful to call Jonathan Merkh and his team not only my publisher, but, my forever friends.

Andrea Anderson Polk

The Innovative Executive

After interviewing 9 book publishers, I finally found Forefront Books with world class expertise and a team who treats me like family. Jonathan Merkh's team was able to clearly articulate my vision in creative design, provide valuable editorial feedback and produce an amazing finished product that aligned perfectly to a customized timeline. The transparency they provided around their services made this experience so much better than any other - I can't recommend them enough if you're looking at superior book publishing services with amazing network connections.

Bella Rushi

Jonathan has been a continued source of knowledge and has made the entire publication process feel simple and exciting. His advice on marketing and his instincts have been logical and sound, and as a result, my newest book became a bestseller within hours of release.

Joan Lunden

Jonathan Merkh has been a friend for a long time both professionally and personally. Our last project together, Entreleadership: 20 Years of Practical Business Wisdom from the Trenches, debuted #1 on the New York Times bestseller list. We continue to work with Jonathan and lean on his industry knowledge as the publishing business shifts dramatically in the digital age.

Dave Ramsey

When I wrote my first book at the age of 80, three publishing houses offered to publish it. Jonathan Merkh of Forefront Books visited my home. He had read my book, loved it, and laid out his plan for launching and marketing. He gave me an honest assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of going with a small house as compared to a large one. Jonathan was the perfect choice for my first book. Innovative, supportive, and reassuring, he accompanied me on each media interview and shared my joy when we became a NYT, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today best-seller. I chose Jonathan Merkh and Forefront Books to publish my second book—naturally.

Peggy Rowe

Great Leaders Live Like Drug Addicts

Jonathan took an intimidating and complicated process and made it as smooth and simple as possible. He balanced enthusiastic support with shooting straight and challenging me when appropriate. He was so patient, so helpful and so kind. I could not imagine publishing a book with anyone else.

Michael Brody-Waite

Old Merkh helped turn my life story into a No. 1 hit on the New York Times bestseller list. I knew the first time I met that cat that he knew the publishing world and how to build best sellers. I would highly recommend him.

Phil Robertson

Merkh is the guru of nurturing literary talent. He saw who I could be as an author even before I did. Authors and their futures are in good hands with him and Forefront Books.

DeVon Franklin