Phil Herel

Phil Herel, a native of Upstate New York, holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Stony Brook University, complementing his undergraduate studies at SUNY Oneonta where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology.

With an astute understanding of healthcare and entrepreneurship, Phil is the proud proprietor of a thriving outpatient physical therapy clinic situated in California. His clinic specializes in the treatment of orthopedic and neurological ailments, a testament to his ability to navigate the complexities of business ownership in the healthcare sector. Serving as a provider in our healthcare system, Phil's firsthand experience exposed him to the deficiencies and challenges that exist. It was this knowledge that fueled his determination to not only excel as an entrepreneur but also to advocate for meaningful change in the system.

Phil believes in remaking capitalism for a more equitable future and believes in reshaping our government to ensure it serves the best interests of all citizens. His vision extends to reducing taxes while promoting economic growth and improving the standard of living for all Americans.

Beyond his professional achievements, Phil is a passionate and knowledgeable investor in both stocks and cryptocurrencies. His enthusiasm for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency education is evident in his continuous research and exploration of diverse projects within the cryptocurrency space. Phil actively engages in various crypto income-generating activities such as staking, mining, and managing his own validators, demonstrating his commitment to financial innovation and diversification.

Currently based in California, Phil shares his life with his talented and inspiring wife, Monica, who is not only a gifted singer-songwriter but also a dedicated fitness and pilates trainer. Together, they embody a dynamic partnership committed to excellence in their respective fields.

Author’s book

America vs. Americans

America vs. Americans

Eric Wade & Phil Herel

Capitalism is broken. Despite its successes, capitalism gives us the largest wealth gap in American history, failing Social Security, a weak currency, and a looming threat of AI destroying our workforce. We need a new system—one built around people rather than capital. A system that values each person’s unique contribution, ingenuity, and hard work—their labor. A system in which […]

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