Eric Wade

Eric Wade is the editor of Stansberry Innovations ReportCrypto Capital, and Crypto Cashflow, three investment advisories where Eric uses his unique strategy to find the best opportunities in the cryptocurrency space.

Eric is an internet entrepreneur and investor who began picking stocks and trading futures contracts in college, using his expertise to become a certified financial manager at the largest American retail brokerage. He eventually sold the internet domain of his nickname – Wallstreet.com – for over $1 million. Eric was named a “Savvy Entrepreneur” by PR WEEK Magazine for this and has numerous TV, internet, and print appearances where he shares forward-looking ideas.

Eric has also been an angel investor, a movie script writer, and the founder of a family business that was recognized locally and internationally. He has also worked with some of the largest companies and ad agencies, worldwide, to expand their marketing reach.

Eric's cryptocurrency career began by mining bitcoin. Soon, he turned to mining Ethereum and then, even taught himself how to build and program his own miners. His research into the transformative possibilities of both blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies has grown from there. Eric takes pride that his research has created millionaires and changed people’s lives.

Eric was a barely above-average student until he began to study economics in college. Studying the so-called “dismal science” fueled his desire to remake capitalism, reshape our government, reduce taxes, and improve the standard of living for all Americans.

Eric lives in sunny Southern California with Ana, his wife of thirty-two years who is a children’s book author, entrepreneur, and inspiration for his big ideas.

Author’s book

America vs. Americans

America vs. Americans

Eric Wade & Phil Herel

Capitalism is broken. Despite its successes, capitalism gives us the largest wealth gap in American history, failing Social Security, a weak currency, and a looming threat of AI destroying our workforce. We need a new system—one built around people rather than capital. A system that values each person’s unique contribution, ingenuity, and hard work—their labor. A system in which […]

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