Jim McCann

Jim McCann is an accomplished entrepreneur, who took a single flower shop and turned it into today’s billion-dollar omnichannel retailer, 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, Inc.  One of the first brands to embrace new technologies, Jim leads through his visionary approach, bringing products and innovative experiences to customers, allowing them to connect and build more meaningful relationships.  A devoted philanthropist, Jim is the Founder and Chairman of Smile Farms Inc., a not-for-profit creating employment opportunities for people with disabilities.  He also serves as Chairman of Worth Media Group, which celebrates leaders who positively impact society, and serves on multiple private and not-for-profit boards.

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Jim McCann & George Everly Jr.

The drive to “do better” and to “be better” seems to be hard-wired in most people. In fact, the $10 billion self-help industry would seem a compelling testament to that conclusion. It has produced libraries of priceless insight from gurus and everyday folks, celebrities and prodigies, millionaires and poets. There’s plenty of advice out there […]

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