Done Deal!

Done Deal!

Katharine Oates, Seth Weissman

Whether you are a seasoned pro who has seen it all or a newer agent establishing your business, Done Deal! will help you understand the challenging context in which today’s negotiations take place—and how to guide your clients through one of the most important decisions they will ever make.

Seller’s big pay day? Buyer’s bargain? Somewhere in between? Whether your residential real estate market is piping hot, lukewarm, or cool, navigating the terrain is no small feat. Emotions can run high. The fine-print details feel daunting. And the largest transaction most people will ever be part of carries long-term implications for buyers, sellers, and their families.

Enter Done Deal! The Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Mastering Negotiations. Designed to equip real estate professionals with the negotiation tools necessary to succeed in even the most complicated deals, this timely book blends purposeful strategies with practical examples.

Drawing on decades of shared experience working closely with REALTORS® through thousands of transactions, along with a wealth of insight into the multiple facets of complex deal-making, attorneys Seth Weissman and Katharine Oates have crafted a highly readable, easy-to-understand guide.

Along the way, they share time-tested principles for:

  • Approaching each negotiation with fresh eyes, since no two deals are exactly alike
  • Cultivating patience, persistence, and a focus on the big picture
  • Building credibility and a reputation rooted in ethical excellence
  • Creating leverage, a sense of urgency, and other key negotiating tactics
  • Knowing when (and how) to protect your clients from themselves
  • . . . and much more.
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