Chris Chen

Dr. Christopher Chen is the CEO of ChenMed, a physician practice that aims to bring concierge-style medicine and better health outcomes to the neediest populations: low-income seniors managing multiple complex chronic conditions. Dr. Chen oversees ChenMed’s operations through its senior medical centers throughout the southeastern United States and Chicago, as well as its portfolio of affiliated primary care practices and groups. Raised in south Florida, ChenMed’s headquarters, Dr. Chen graduated from the University of Miami’s Honors Program in Medicine. Dr. Chen went on to complete his medical training at Beth Israel Deaconess, a major Harvard University teaching hospital in Boston, Mass. His clinical skills and research accomplishments then led to a specialty position at Cornell University Medical College in Manhattan, N.Y., where he studied cardiology.

Author’s book

The Calling

The Calling

Gordon Chen & Chris Chen

A CT scan revealed Dr. James Chen, a Miami physician, had a cancerous, inoperable, tumor behind his nose. The prognosis was bleak. Dr. Chen had eight weeks to live. Dr. Chen and his sons, Chris and Gordon, looked for a miracle. Chris was completing a cardiology fellowship. Gordon was finishing medical school. They knew what […]

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