Andrea Polk

A respected, professional counselor, published author, and keynote speaker, Andrea Anderson Polk leverages more than a decade of clinical experience, illuminating storytelling, and deep compassion to help people uncover truths, break free of harmful behavior and relationships, and celebrate a newfound freedom.

She is a Licensed Professional Counselor, is Nationally Board Certified, and has served as president and vice president of the Northern Virginia Licensed Professional Counselors (NVLPC). She is a registered supervisor for the Virginia Board of Counseling, where she works with counseling candidates pursuing their professional licenses. Additionally, Andrea holds a ministerial diploma and has a deep understanding of theology.

More than a decade ago, Andrea started a private practice, Andrea Anderson LPC, LLC & Associates, counseling individuals and couples. It was her clients who encouraged her to bring her thoughts about the cuckoo bird syndrome into print because of the difference it has made in their lives.

More recently, she launched Illuminating Truth, an educational community designed to bring together truth-seekers around the globe united in their search for authenticity, transformative healing, and meaningful life. Community members have access to information, resources, and tools, connecting them with one another and with inspiring thought leaders, subject matter experts, and motivating trailblazers.

Andrea lives in McLean, Virginia with her husband and best friend, Dan.

Visit Andrea online at andreaandersonpolk.com and connect with her on Facebook @AndreaAndersonPolk, Instagram @andreaandersonpolk / @thecuckoosyndrome and Twitter @AndreaAPolk #thecuckoosyndrome #thecuckoosyndromebook

Author’s book

The Cuckoo Syndrome

The Cuckoo Syndrome

Andrea Polk

In The Cuckoo Syndrome, Andrea Anderson Polk, a licensed professional counselor, helps us fend off the cuckoos—unhealthy relationships, toxic thinking, and self-sabotaging behavior—in order to find our identity in Christ and discover new purpose, vision, and meaning in our lives. We know the cuckoo bird as a colorful wooden figurine that pops out of a clock and […]

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