Justin Batt

Justin Batt

Publisher, Worth Books and Associate Publisher, Forefront, Maxwell Leadership, and Frederick Douglass Books

Justin Batt has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, business leaders, athletes and celebrities publish a book to bring their stories to the world as a means of growing their brand and business. Justin has developed strategic partnerships with some of the world’s top media brands to create custom book publishing imprints. Prior to serving as Associate Publisher at Forefront Books, Justin served as Chief Revenue Officer for the publishing imprint of a global media brand.

Justin understands the importance and power of building a personal brand. He has written a book on intentional parenting, been featured in major media and completed a TEDx talk. Justin has built a personal media brand through a podcast, newsletter, an Alexa skill, keynote speaking, a digital course, masterminds and conferences.

In the past year, Justin expanded his knowledge as a coach in order to better serve his publishing clients by becoming trained as a John Maxwell Certified Coach and a Donald Miller Business Made Simple Coach.

Justin has a B.S. in Sports Marketing from Clemson University.

In his personal life, Justin can be found helping his wife, Heather, run her bridal enterprise, spending time with his four children and animals, working on their property True South Farm and running Spartan obstacle course races.