She’s Selling What?!

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Thousands of men across the country are in the same boat. They hear their wives talk about a new “opportunity” and immediately launch into all the reasons why network marketing doesn’t work, how nobody makes real money, and how most people quit the business within a year. Instead of encouraging their wives’ excitement and enthusiasm, many husbands pour a bucket of cold water on their dreams.

In She’s Selling What?! Tim Farrant opens up about his wife’s start and epic rise in network marketing and his own journey from shock and skepticism to understanding and support as he set aside his ego and figured out how to  support his wife as she built a business that changed their family forever.

About The Author

Tim Farrant knows what it takes to support a hard-charging, get-it-done network-marketing pro; he had a front-row seat to his wife’s meteoric rise in one of the nation’s premier network-marketing organizations. But Tim’s no slouch, either. With more than twenty years in pastoral ministry and church leadership, Tim has led huge initiatives and personally counseled hundreds of married couples. Through personal experience and countless hours coaching other couples, Tim knows what makes a marriage work—and what tears it apart.