The Ultimate Customer Experience

The Ultimate Customer Experience

Scott McKain

When was the last time you were a customer and received the Ultimate Customer Experience? Can you even remember?

I’ve received great service from companies that I know didn’t give a damn about my business. You have, too, I’ll wager. How did that happen? Here is one possible answer: an individual cared about customers and overcame the obvious deficiencies in their organization’s inferior approach and lack of values.

There are five fundamental aspects to create the Ultimate Customer Experience for the clients and prospects you deal with every single day. Even during this post-pandemic period as we come to grips with—and try to learn how—business has been changed forever, the level at which we connect with customers has never been more important.

The five steps to creating an Ultimate Customer Experience are:

1. Don’t Make It Right . . . GET It Right!

2. Make a Great Impression

3. Serve with Empathy

4. Connect with Emotion

5. Take Personal Responsibility

If your company gave you this book, it means they are committed to improving the experiences you create for customers and colleagues. No organization invests in an activity—or asks their employees to invest in an activity—in which they had little interest. Your company believes that you are its most important asset!

If you are investing your own resources reading this book, that means you’re taking the most important step any of us can ever take—a step toward personal growth. You wouldn’t read this book if all you want to do is tread water and remain the same.

You must take personal responsibility for how you engage your customers—let me show you how.

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