Seven Pathways

Seven Pathways

Mary Carmen Englert

Seven Pathways creates discipline and daily habits for spending meaningful time with God and builds peaceful margin in your day, so that you are refreshed and equipped to handle life’s difficulties.

Do you want to feel close to God, but the Bible seems overwhelming, and you don’t know where to start?

Even with all the podcasts, Bible studies, sermons, and other Christian resources at your fingertips, are you exhausted from jumping around from one resource to the next?

Are you embarrassed after all the available resources, yet you still struggle with feeling connected to God and spending time with Him regularly?

Does God feel distant?

You are not alone.

Life is difficult for everyone, and for Mary Carmen an accident and subsequent medical conditions brought her normal life to a halt. She struggled to find purpose while experiencing exhaustion after only four to five hours of being awake, and even talking increased the pain on the sides of her head and face. Instead of focusing on what she was missing in life, she pursued what she could do which was pray and be silent and embraced her new season, as she called it “in God’s hospital.” While the noise and distractions of the world quelled, she rediscovered the gifts of silence and prayer. With hope, resilience, and new passion, she expanded her previously developed approach for connecting with God from fifteen years ago.

Through her personal story; biblical, historical, and psychological research; and practical applications, Mary Carmen will help you discover and learn about these seven ancient and powerful Christian practices of thanksgiving, silence, confession, song, prayer, Bible study, and scripture memory and give you a plan to set and adjust your own cadence in connecting with God. The Seven Pathways’ approach is based on these historical Christian practices and integrated into a simple, yet creative and comprehensive plan to help you connect more deeply with God. Our mission is to help you experience a real connection with God and peaceful margin and give you a plan to make a lasting impact in your spiritual journey through the Seven Pathways’ Bible study plans, meditations, and other resources. It is not a checklist to complete but is composed of pathways to help you grow deeper in your relationship with God through His Son. Seven Pathways will help you: reset your day by first fueling your thoughts with thankfulness; rediscover the gift of silence—of being present with God and others; and restart your prayer life and time studying the Bible through our Bible study plans, so that you experience the presence of God in your daily life.

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Mary Carmen Englert