Worth Media Expands Into Book Publishing Via Strategic Partnership with Forefront Books

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Forefront Books; Worth Media 

Nov 17, 2020, 09:00 ET

NASHVILLE, Tenn.Nov. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Worth Media announces the company’s expansion into book publishing through a joint venture with Forefront Books. The imprint, Worth Books, will create a solution for entrepreneurs and leaders in the financial, health and business marketplace who desire to publish a book but have not previously had an outlet to do so. Forefront’s Associate Publisher Justin Batt will serve at the helm of the imprint along with Juliet Scott-Croxford, Worth Media’s CEO.

“Like everything else right now, the publishing industry has been upended,” said Scott-Croxford. “Publishing is an industry that’s still largely shaped by instinct-based gambles on the next literary success story. There now have to be new ways for publishers to release, distribute books and better serve their clients needs, and authors to deliver, distribute, tour and promote their work. Technology will enable this effort among publishers and authors. Worth’s imprint is a publishing platform that connects, informs and inspires our community to make an impact on the world through the power of authorship and through leveraging Worth’s digital platform. We are thrilled to partner with Jonathan MerkhJustin Batt and the team at Forefront Books to change the game in publishing, providing the Worth Community with a connected platform to publish, promote and distribute a book, and retain the rights to their work.”

Worth Books combines their significant resources with major publishing expertise from Forefront Books, exclusively distributed by Simon & Schuster, to now offer a one-of-a-kind path to authorship. Authors who publish with Worth Books receive a suite of unique deliverables and the publishing acumen behind dozens of New York Times bestsellers.

“Worth Media is redefining the publishing process by marrying traditional distribution with customized marketing strategies powered by real-world publishing expertise that launches bestsellers,” said Batt. “The team at Forefront Books has been involved in publishing these types of experts for decades and we’re looking forward to this exciting new partnership.”

Worth Books is currently considering qualified authors for publication in spring/summer of 2021.

About Worth Media:

Worth is a global media platform connecting a community that embraces worth beyond wealth. We inspire and inform this community of successful and influential individuals to be their best selves and make an impact on the world. We achieve this through a regular roster of event programming and cross-platform content for our key communities—including online events, books, feature articles, reports, partner content, podcasts, video, summits, and intimate dinners.

At Worth, we actively work for a more inclusive and equal society through our content and our programs. We seek diversity of gender, race, experience, opinion and background in all of the content we produce. Any single event can rarely achieve this goal—so we work hard to reach it through the sum of what we do.

About Forefront Books:

Forefront Books is a unique publishing company that caters to the most successful men and women in their respective fields — the thought leaders, the visionaries, the pioneers, the business owners and the entrepreneurs who have a compelling story to tell — and delivers a world-class end result from a team who has helped create more than 60 New York Times bestsellers, including six number one bestsellers.

SOURCE Forefront Books; Worth Media