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Every best-selling book has a well-planned publicity and marketing plan in place before the book is sent to the printer, and we are more than willing to help you select your team early in the process. As stated earlier, concurrent with the developmental edit of the manuscript, we are crafting the technical information about the book (the metadata) as well as crafting descriptive content, keywords, selling points, and electronic tipsheets. All of this happens with SEO, searchability, and Amazon’s ever-changing algorithms in mind, and we are able to make adjustments when they are warranted. Before the publication date, and several weeks following, we are continually working with our authors’ publicists to inform the Simon & Schuster sales team of all TV, print, and online updates. It is essentially a full-court press for every Forefront book, and we walk alongside our authors throughout the entire thrilling process of bringing their book idea to fruition.