Happy Is the New Healthy

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If there was ever a need for a book like this, it is now. As a world renowned expert on the subject, Dr. Joan Neehall is the one to deliver this message.

Have you been stressed, anxious, or worried? Have you felt pangs of loneliness in recent times? Are you longing for greater connection with others and the world around you? In a phrase, Are you looking for happiness?

If so, you are not alone—at least not statistically speaking. Millions of others are seeking this feeling of spiritual, mental, and physical wellness too.

Now, in her latest book, Happy Is the New Healthy, forensic psychologist and bestselling author Dr. Joan Neehall explores the underlying causes of unhappiness, and shares with us the secrets to rewriting the frequent thoughts and redirecting the common behaviors that keep us in that state. Most importantly, she demonstrates, through examples from her 35 years of clinical practice, how others have successfully initiated the kinds of changes in their lives that engender the feelings of peace, satisfying connection, and enduring happiness we all seek.

Of course, the advice in this book could not be more timely. A dedicated chapter not only acknowledges the very specific challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic presents for individual, societal, and global happiness, it advances ways to look at, cope with, and use the most daunting of circumstances to reimagine the kind of future that will make you happiest.  By daring us to take charge of our emotional health and giving us the tools to do so, this book partners with its readers, reminding them that we are not at all alone in this pursuit.

About The Author

Joan Neehall, PhD, is a clinical psychologist with a specialization in forensic psychology. She has practiced in Edmonton since 1984 (registration #1579) and in British Columbia from 1987 to 2019 (registration #922). She holds diplomate status in the American College of Forensic Examiners. Joan is a psychologist, author, wife, mother, and philanthropist, and conducted seminars in Shanghai, China, in 2019 and in Beijing in 2018. In addition to Happy Is the New Healthy, she has written Perfecting Your Private Practice (2004) and Women Who Roar: Female Pioneers in Alberta (2011), and she coauthored the bestselling Habit of a Happy Life: 30 Days to a Positive Addiction with Dr. Jeffrey Zeig, PhD, in 2018. She has appeared on television shows discussing a variety of topics ranging from body dysmorphia to stress management, as well as the new science of happiness. She taught at Simon Fraser University and has worked in hospitals and in private practice. Most recently,  she has spoken at the Mindful Life Summit in San Francisco and on Schneps Media, among other outlets, and has participated in numerous panel and Zoom discussions addressing such topics as happiness, powerful women, telemedicine, and how to deal with the psychological effects of the lockdown and COVID-19.